Arc@UNSW: Update


The board loved the new IA:

Arc IA Home Page

and initial creative:

Arc@UNSW Home Page initial creative.

The site will have a number of key new functions (see current site here) such as:

  • Membership section (with restricted content)
  • E-commerce (membership payments)
  • Custom navigation: use of combined slider and (new) allowing site users to add up to x6 sections, sub-sections or individual pages to “their” primary navigation…this, I believe, is the way of the future for large content sites (not inclusive of news sites though, they’re different).
  • Calendar of Events: filtered based on the section of the site that the user is in.
  • Middle Content Tabs: up to 6 CMS controlled content tabs, allowing “summary” of sectional content to be displayed, encouraging membership acquisition.

Inside, members will have access to an Online Shop, be able to download video/music content from events at the UNSW “Roundhouse” Venue from bands and the like (engaging content) and soon be able to listen to the UNSW Student Radio streamed via the web (potentially tie in later with the curriculum of the “Media” degree.

Now for the fun part: We have to the 3rd March to deliver…going to be busy!

Next entry I will (depending on NDA or other commercial restrictions) give an overview of the LJHooker processes and how we got to where we are today.

~ by stusheridan on January 10, 2008.

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