Corporate flash games

Recently we here at Balance Interactive, have been getting into a lot of corporate infotainment and edutainment flash games.

Ok, ours are pretty basic, but they have been used by their respective target audiences, and thus funding for the next generation of these “CorpGames” will be flowing through, so when these next generation versions are completed I’ll show you (the current ones just aren’t something I’m going to show at this point).

That’s lead me to do a bit of a global review and search in my spare time for some variations in the level of CorpGames that a) have a commercial or community message and b) are pretty damn tops to play (i.e. have a high level of user engagement / content / are compelling).

Before I give you my pick of the best out there (and feel free to send your suggestions in on what you think are the best out there), let’s just go through some that are NOT in the category to which I am referring.

Those would be games that simply waste time without a compelling community, social or commercial message. There are probably millions of these, most of the best can be found and played at the expense of workplace productivity at and Try the “Pinch Hitter 2” on MouseBreaker, you’ll spend many hours (enjoyable ones) on a slow Monday afternoon.

Other nice games (again, non- CorpGames) that I like include “Vision” which is a tough “room with no exit” brain melting mystery game. It’s tough, for those more interested in the mechanics of the game rather than the playability of the game, you can use a “walkthough” cheat here. (Warning, this will download a .zip file, only 4kb containing small .txt file with instructions).

Ok so, now here are my favourite CorpGames (games that are made for a commercial reason, whether it’s branding, edutainment, infotainment or community/socially driven PR):

5. Absolu: Lost Bottle (link): Find Waldo style, i love it as any alcohol branded marketing is generally well and truly FUNDED!

4. Electrocity (link): a Sims style game about energy.  Actually created by Lowe in NZ for Genesis Energy.  Proves NZ’ers are exceptional in creative. (nobody tell Blair Parker I said that!).

3. (Coming soon)

2. (Coming soon)

1. “Get The Glass” (link): 3D board game all about the benefits of drinking milk. Outstanding.

~ by stusheridan on March 6, 2008.

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