I like this concept.

See the site and Web2.0 application here

Essentially a bit of code that sits near product info, and on the front end this shows a little icon.  Users can click on the icon, and have the product info sent (for free to the consumer) the detail of the product to their mobile.  Easy.

Publisher of the website picks up the SMS tab, but the user gets the detail and get then go forth and purchase.  Put this into a Used Car (dealership) senario or Property Auction senario, and this enables the used to get to their mobile all the key bits of info they need.

Whether this has a long term future with Apple i-Phone or later Google Android phone with their true web (not WAP) connectivity remains to be seen.  But for those who can’t wait (me) for the info (give it to me now), this is an excellent and by the looks quite low cost web to mobile application.

I’m going to actively move on it to enhance a number of client websites, Car Dealerships, Real Estate and other such businesses currently in our portfolio of clients.

They were at AdTech, but I didn’t get a chance to meet with them.

I will blog on the first installation, and the process, once a client steps into the new Web2.0 world and takes it on.

~ by stusheridan on March 13, 2008.

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