Recent victim of robbery, sparks an idea.

My wife and I were recently burgled @ home, losing approximately $10,000 worth of laptop, PS3 and personal items.

This pissed me off, and after my wife spoke to neighbours, it seems we’re the 5th house in the immediate area to get “hit” in the last week or two.

This, along with the hassle of finding serial numbers and receipts, sparked an idea this morning.

How about a website where you can register high value property, with make, model, serial numbers and upload image of the receipt etc (i.e. scan and upload this content BEFORE it’s stolen) .

IF (or when) it gets stolen, you add the police report #, and the system then takes those stolen property item details, and sends an email alert to all the pawn shops in the state.

Pawn shops (possible legislation required to enforce) then need to enter in a products serial number, and if a match is found on the system, then they cannot buy that product from the seller.

Could this help increase the difficulty of liquidating stolen property, and therefore reduce the value of stolen property items, and therefore reduce the desire to steal them? Could it help capture, identify and convict the robbers?

Web2.0 technology would easily make this system viable from a build perspective.

I’d really love your feedback on this one.

~ by stusheridan on April 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Recent victim of robbery, sparks an idea.”

  1. I like the idea, surely the insurance companies could pull this together. They’d save millions in recovery.

  2. sounds like a really good idea, stuart. i certainly don’t have records of all my stuff and now that i’ve read your posting, i wouldn’t know where to begin if this happens to me! web 2.0 also means you can access it from anywhere even if you’re travelling overseas, etc.

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