New Idea: Software for fuel trip costs

Driving from Annandale to Lane Cove today I got caught on the Harbour Bridge in heavy traffic, and during this time I came up with a possible neat software idea.

Simply, a bit of software that you can download and install onto your NavMan or TomTom, and get up to the minute cost report on your fuel consumption based on your speed, trip time and the cost of the fuel at your last fill up.

All you would need to do is put in the $ per litre and # of litres you filled up with at your last fuel stop.

Even better, integrate it with the new Australian “Fuel Watch” system and the NavMan/TomTom will do it for you (you’d still need to put in the # of litres you filled up with).

End users of the software can then accurately guage their cost per trip.

With raising fuel costs, not only here but globally, the need for more granular fuel cost and budgeting is required, so people can determine better if it would be best to catch a train, bum a lift or walk to certain destinations.

A bigger opportunity may lie within professional driving circles (cabbies, truckies et al) where per trip fuel expense can be calculated on the spot, and maybe portions or whole of these costs can be transfered to the user (banks do this very effectively).

All I need now is a programmer to write it, a simple website to sell it, and for me to go see TomTom or NavMan to buy the rights for global distribution.

Anyone like to go partners?

(This idea is patent pending)

~ by stusheridan on June 7, 2008.

One Response to “New Idea: Software for fuel trip costs”

  1. Definately, go for it.

    Stuart Sheridan

    May we add your idea to, the web site for software ideas? We can put a link back to your website and/or this page in the post if you like.

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