The Holy Grail of Internet Speed?

Australian Photonic Chip to increase Internet speeds by 100’s of times.

As published by the investigative bloggers @ Amnesia.

A new device believed to be able to utilise the existing broadband infrastructure in Australia yet increase the broadband internet speed hundreds of times.  Myth, or fact?

Damn I hope it’s fact!  Who needs petrol when you’ve got web speeds 100’s of times faster than current?

Here’s a bit of perky news from down under, CUDOS (Centre for Ultra-high-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems) have developed a new material ‘chalcogenide’ – a type of glass that allows data to  be transmitted at previously impossible speeds by converting light into electricity – essentially a ‘photonic switch’ that is capable (wait for it) …of being implemented into current fibre infrastructure!

Read full article here.

~ by stusheridan on July 10, 2008.

One Response to “The Holy Grail of Internet Speed?”

  1. […] This will be a major factor in technology in the coming decade, as Slow Light enables clearer transmission and conduction of data at very low energy costs, also resulting in massive improvements in data transfer rates (refer my previous blog entry here). […]

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