Pepsi Ingores B2B – Worst Site Ever!

Consumers are one thing, but so are your business channel partner, and prospective business channel partners.

I read a really really good article from a friend of mine today on advertising and the marketers need to engage their audience via creative content. I hope to blog about that later.

But there was an example used in his article that I thought I’d check out called, aimed at the consumer. A great site.

However, looking through that site I noticed a link in the footer for “I want to server Pepsi” and I though cool, a website aimed at businesses (the Channel) who will sell Pepsi’s product to the consumer.

And, oh my god, is this the WORST B2B Channel website you’ve ever seen!

(it gets worse here….)

Shame Pepsi, shame.

~ by stusheridan on August 1, 2008.

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