Top 5 Dodgy Beijing Olympic Tickets Websites

I heard on the radio this morning (yes, I listen to ABC Radio 702 Sydney…) how a Chinese website scammed many Australia’s (and others globally) on Olympic ticket purchases.

Apparently, the site was extremely well built and presented, and the purchaser’s even received email updates on when the tickets will be shipped, and even phone calls from the site thanking them for the purchases.

Wow. Hook line and sinker for many people, some losing up to $24,000+.

So I thought I’d try to pull together what I think is a top 6 list of fraudulent Chinese Olympic ticket websites:


Welcome to Olympic Beijing 2008 Tickets. Book your official tickets online trough our secure system. All tickets booked are confirmed and guaranteed.”

Also, the image used in the header is “less than professional”. Actually they seem to have downloaded it from the real official website.

Also, the IOC is a sponsor driven organisation, and there are no sponsor logos.


Looks totally real, until you get to the footer and see an email address for enquiries as “” – kinda suss really if it’s a professional organisation having a hotmail address as their primary contact email…

Also, the IOC is a sponsor driven organisation, and there are no sponsor logos.


Purporting itself to be “The official destination for Beijing 2008 Olympic Tickets & Accommodations”, the site is just a bunch of rubbish with links.

Even my own mother cannot be suckered into this one…surely…?

Also, the IOC is a sponsor driven organisation, and there are no sponsor logos.


Clean, well presented, phone number clearly positioned on the home page (trustworthiness is perceived as higher just with this element), Visa, Mastercard & Thawte logo’s displayed.

All looks very much on the up and up.

No sign of the Olympic logo however, and that for me is the first and only real issue with the site in terms of credibility. I think they must’ve known they’d be hunted down by the IOC Brand Nazi’s (former SS I hear). (having said that, here I found one when investigating the buying process:

So, how do we know it’s fake? Simple, they still have seats available at the Opening Ceremony (I can buy 10 for the run away price of 54,900.00 Euro).

Also, the IOC is a sponsor driven organisation, and there are no sponsor logos.


This is the one the media is saying is the key culprit in the scam.

No IOC logo, and therefore no sponsor logo’s, and the fact you can still purchase the hottest tickets which sold out months ago.


You should have guessed.

It’s the real website.

They’re a bunch of crooks selling tickets at these prices!

But, it is real, and we know this as they’re a sponsorship whore, which pillages partners of all their profits. And there’s lots of sponsor logo’s on this site!

Moral of the story:

The sophistication of online fraud is making the lines of genuine versus fake so blurred, that I’m not surprised at all people have spent, and lost, millions at

The extend to which these guys have gone into planning, building and executing the fraud is probably close to the extent and expense real online business have to go to into building genuine sites.

No longer do dodgy, clearly fake emails in your inbox from “PayPal” customer service, or “Ebay Security updates” lead the way in terms of online fraud. It’s now major sporting and cultural events across the world that are being targeted by increasingly brazen and sophisticated digital fraudsters.

The and sites has been in operation for over 11 months each, and STILL they operate!

This shows either the Banks, Digital Security Firms (i.e. Verisign, Thwaite et al), Government and Policing organisations are either completely powerless, completely inept or part of the problem.

So, how are the Banks, Digital Security and International Policing organisations addressing these isssues?

Moreover, what are the IOC and Chinese Olympic Authority (and Chinese/International Policing authorities) doing about the current issue?

Can’t be good for the ICO brand…or China’s reputation globally. With all the focus on terrorism, it seems no eyes are on the Digital Terrorism of financial fraud (and didn’t China say this would be the “Technology Olympics”).

If you’re from any of the above, please, do leave a comment and let us ALL know!

Update 4th August:

Visa offering relief. A spokesman for Visa International, Andrew Woodward, said the bank which granted merchant facilities to the website would be liable for the fraud. (source)

AOC and ICO unable to do anything.

Update 5th August:

Scammers Claim They’re Victims Too!

~ by stusheridan on August 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Top 5 Dodgy Beijing Olympic Tickets Websites”

  1. I can’t believe that these sites and their owners still haven’t been *destroyed* by the IOC. Especially with this media coverage.

    Anyway, has a great deal on some front row center tickets for the opening ceremony – so I’m off !

  2. Andy is correct.

    My friend bought tickets from and they are legitimate. They might not be sponsored by the IOC but they delivered the tickets

    Not to be confused with who are part of the announced scam.

  3. Can someone teach me how to get my refund from Visa? I called my bank & they told me already 60days they can’t do anything. Thanks!

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