Facebook – New vs Old

Facebook has upgraded its user interface.

Yes, this is OLD NEWS I am aware.

I’m posting it simply because all the feedback I have is “we looked at it, and then went back to the old one as it’s familiar”.

So, that for me poses two questions:

1) Will user feedback see facebook halt their plans to refresh the look, or will they charge ahead?

2) Is it right to upgrade the look of a site just “because”?

I would have liked to have seen an interim page between when I clicked on the “See New” link stating all the cool new user features and benefits, instead I like many (maybe you) are left to “find” out for ourselves…which is bloody annoying!

Imagine if Telstra suddenly changed how you dial a phone number and left users to find out how to do it and what the benefits are….there would be riots!

Judge for yourself:

The old and familiar:

The new and improved?
(Is it? leave a comment and let me know…or better yet, let Facebook know…)

Get your facebook updated to the new by clicking on this link in the top left corner:

~ by stusheridan on August 5, 2008.

One Response to “Facebook – New vs Old”

  1. After using it for about a week now, I’d say I definitely prefer it. It feels cleaner somehow and some things are easier to get to. I really like that they’ve moved the bookmarks list to the right. And the news feed integration is a lot better. Anyway all that notwithstanding I can understand that it might be a bit rough trying to figure out where everything is again.

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