Windows Vista – Sales Must Be Bad!


Vista must be struggling to reach sales targets / battle the negative connotations and commentary around it.

So much so, Microsoft have released a website where they have completely disguised the Vista brand with a fake one called “Mojave“.

They then filmed users of the product to get their “vox-pop” review, and then “oh gosh” reveal at the end (of some) that it’s actually Vista.

Reminds me of a certain energy drink brand (let’s disguise that brand and just call it, oh I don’t know, “Mother”) who recently had to go to extreme lengths (albeit executed masterfully) to re-position their brand.

Is this a sign that Microsoft is acknowledging their troubled Vista software?

Did the users use a “run of the mill” PC to run Vista, or did they have the top line machines needed to run it properly?


~ by stusheridan on August 5, 2008.

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