They’re calling it the “Technological Breakthrough” of the century.

EEStor is a company that, rumor has it (I heard it verbally from an old colleague of mine) has developed an energy storage device than can drive a small car 480km in one charge from a 5 minute charge up…

If EEstor is the real thing, revelutionary energy storage is here.

EEstor is a very secretive company located in Cedar Park, Tx.

They claim to have invented a new ultracapacitor power system that would replace current battery technologies and hopefully turn the automobile industry on its head.

Based on current claims, a three to five minute charge should give the capacitor sufficient energy to drive a small car 300 miles (480 km).

Zenn Motor Company owns the rights to these batteries for the automobile industry. (Check the stocks here)

EEstor’s batteries are supposed to be available for Zenn’s electric cars in the fall of 2009.

Whether this be truth or fiction, one thing I’ve heard is that the technology has been so “proven” Lockheed Martin Corporation has invested and bought the rights for Defence applications, and so much interest from investors has flown through into the company that they have not yet launched a website possibly to avoid more people throwing money at them…

Follow the story here (mixed opinions!)

Review the comments from “Mark” at

~ by stusheridan on August 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “EEStor”

  1. 1. Zenn has the rigts to vehicles under 1400kg nett of battery. Retrofits to existing cars.

    2. There is no confirmation that LM has invested any money. They have signed a deal for exclusive use for military and homeland security applications.

    3 EEstor’s website has never been active and was not taken down!


  2. Mark
    Thanks for the clarifications, any further insights are more than welcome.

  3. […] every time (once, twice) I blog about EEStor, I get a massive spike in readership (at least […]

  4. Another advancement in ultracapacitor technology…

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