Listening to Adam Spencer on my drive to work (as I do each morning) on ABC 702 he referenced a new trend (or fad or something) called “Slugging“.

In essence, Slugging is a quasi formal socially driven car pooling concept, born in the USA (Washington DC actually).

Slugs (i.e. hopeful passengers) gather in “known” slug-gathering locations, and drivers pull up with destination signs in the car window – those slugs who wish to go to that location then pile in, allowing the driver to go on the 3-person or more freeway lanes.

This has become so popular that the unwritten etiquette of slugging has now been written, along with helping additional information for newbie-sluggers.

Find out more here.

Slugging was born from as viral beginning, where slugs connected with drivers via word of mouth / email / message boards, and has now evolved to the Blackberry and mainstream internet.

Not too long ago, hitchhiking (which is essentially what slugging is) was reserved for the backpackers of the world and desperados, not for the silk tie corporate man and women of modern society.

So this got me thinking, has social networking started making real and fundamental changes in the way our society now behaves?


1) So has social networking made this fundamental change in social behavior?
2) Does this occur in Sydney/Melbourne?

Start a Slugging Operation:

Want to start a Slugging Operation in Sydney? Tips on how can be read here.

Marketing/Advertising Potential?
Could be a used as a good sponsorship or experiential marketing experiment for a start-up brand (i.e. GoGet.com.au)

~ by stusheridan on August 21, 2008.

One Response to ““Slugging””

  1. Slugging….I like it.

    I havent seen it at all in Sydney, but there is no reason it could not work.

    It would have to happen in the outer suburbs who are under transport stress, and have some pre-existing trust relationships between the sluggers.

    The trouble is, a lot of those trust relationships are destination (ie workplace) based, rather than location (ie suburb) based.

    I’m sure there is an idea in there somewhere

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