Gaming…it ain’t pimple faced kids anymore!

Long have I (and be honest, many of you) been harassed and degraded by parents, girlfriends, and yes wives about playing online games (sometimes by bosses too, even at 8pm).

But now it’s official, and very very professional.

Statistics show that the average age of an online gamer is about 30-35, with 45% of these being women (not my wife, unfortunately!).

In the USA, they even have the MLG: Major League Gaming.  Think MBA, think MLB (i.e. Major League Baseball.

See their massive website (by leading US digital agency Rokkan) here:

With $20,000 winner prize money per circuit, per game type, “men” of my age are making an absolute fortune as professional gamers, and their profiles are starting the generate serious advertising dollar competition to real life sporting professionals.

Super Stars of MLG

Prize Money:

I think perhaps I might hang up my boots for the mighty Mosman AL2 Football club and create the mighty Mosman FC on the PS3 and play PES2008 semi-pro!

~ by stusheridan on August 28, 2008.

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