Global Warming – Just 8% Care!

I’m currently working a project that will be rolled out across a number of Asian countries, and as part of this we were going through statistics on an appropriate survey question that had global appeal.

We came up with “Are you concerned about Global Warming?

Incredibly, a major consumer research organisation (Nielsen) had recently asked this question to a global panel of respondents.

The results?

8% said Yes

92% said No

My my, we are such selfish little creatures aren’t we….

What are the major concerns?

# 1 is the Economy (35%).
#2 is Work/Life Balance (28%)
#3 is Health (18%).

Other interesting things:

a) 56% of global consumers believe we’re currently in a recession.
b) New Zealand is the most concerned country about global economic downturn, due to reliance with US & Japan trade
c) Taiwan is the only country bucking the economic doom and gloom, their confidence has increased!
d) Consumer confidence as fallen in 39 out of 48 countries

Full report available here. (Opens a PDF File).
Survey conducted in June 2008, and included 28,153 internet users across 51 countries in Europe, Asia Pac, Americas & Middle East

~ by stusheridan on September 2, 2008.

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