Google Chrome – First Impressions

So, it has arrived.

Google Chrome.

I downloaded it today, and have installed it.  It’s what I’m using to write this blog.

My first impressions:

I’m certain I haven’t seen them all, but I love the features like:

Neat & Uncomplicated
As a user, I like uncluttered work spaces, and this is very compact and neatly organised with a minimalist approach to buttons and “browser menu” bars.

This is a big (in my opinion) improvement on the multitude of “File” “Edit” “View” approach of IE 6 & IE7.


Recent Browser History displayed as mini webpages, easy navigational reference for a guy that usually has x10 tabs running at once:

Passwords: a nifty tool that enables you to view all your website URL and Usernames, and get the passwords for each if you need them.  Goodbye “Forgotten Password”! Yay!

Secure Site Warning: this is common these days, I just like the little “red cross out” Google Chrome uses…it’s just neat!

Ingognito Mode: Something that Safari already has, but still a feature which I do like so that when I’m looking a Seek or The Big Chair and other job websites, then nobody will know about it.

Anyway, so far I’m loving the new Chrome, and will use it over the next few weeks reviewing all types of website around the globe (as I do) as well as testing our own sites and web systems to ensure they’re all rendered properly…

I’ll update in about a week or so, with feedback from users and developers across Australia from large to small digital agencies, clients and digital media companies.

Good News for Developers

Looks like Developers can relax about rendering issues for a new browser, read here.

~ by stusheridan on September 3, 2008.

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