“Very Small Business” – New ABC Comedy

Last night saw the Premier of new ABC locally produced “Very Small Business“.  The introduction of “Kerry” with World Wide Business Group sets it all up!

A very funny comedy sending up the small business publisher/advertising industry.

Watch the first episode in full here, you’ll be a converted fan!  We’ve all had “bosses” with similar traits as this one.

Screened at the 9:30pm slot, it followed straight after the other cracker ABC comedy The Hollowmen.

Great thing about these locally produced shows, is that if you missed them last night, you can watch them again (and again) on ABC iView, or even download a full copy onto your computer and watch it on the train commute home.

I’m a major fan of what the ABC is doing in terms of their digital offering, and I seriously think that the major networks are missing out on some serious coin by not enabling greater online access and download of their content (ok, so 90% of the time they don’t actually OWN that content, and therein lies the problem!).

With shows of the cailbre of Very Small Business and The Hollowmen, this country definately has the talent, and capability, to produce brilliant content locally, and use the internet to connect people (let’s call them $$ for short) to that content.

~ by stusheridan on September 4, 2008.

3 Responses to ““Very Small Business” – New ABC Comedy”

  1. Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for the link! The show is very funny.

    I agree with your comments and was pleasantly surprised how good the video setup was on the ABC site and that I could view two episodes freely.

    Thanks again,


  2. Thanks for the link – I ended up watching all six episodes of Very Small Business online and even ordered the DVD which has just arrived. Appreciate the recommendation.

  3. Hey Stuart great awesome info just surf google to se what local Australians are saying about the ABC TV show small business, you got a great Blog here mate keep up the great work in 2009!

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