George Bush: War Crimes Self-Pardon Exposed!

America, land of complete Hypocracy.

Then again, there are a few good men in that Country who work hard for justice in America and the world, and some have come up with what I think is bigger than Watergate.

In an incredibly sly and sneaky move, good old George Bush has put a sub-clause into a legislative document which if passed (the House has passed it already, Senate expected to do so shortly), with indemnify himself in the future against any war crimes prosecution.

Watch this CNN video to find out more.

Let’s hope the power of the internet and social media generates sufficent ground swell protest to insight a review of this legislation.

~ by stusheridan on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “George Bush: War Crimes Self-Pardon Exposed!”

  1. No. He should not be pardoned. In regards to the rest of congress, they all should be demanded a seperate trial for each and everyone of them. I am told quite frequently that my thinking is irrational. These people run our country and our lives. It’s not irrational at all. Thank you for time reader.

  2. […] 24, 2008 First, George Bush sneaks through legislation indemnifying himself from future prosecution for war […]

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