Holden Campaign Site…Branding Oversight?

In the last few minutes, I got a lovely EDM from Holden.

So well presented and laid out as it was, I decided to click through and learn more.

The landing page / microsite was also lovely, well designed and great reflection of the Holden brand and their 60th Anniversary message.

Intrigued and inspired into further investigation about Holden, I noticed (being a savvy internet user as, let’s face it, we ALL are now-a-days) the url being “http://www.holdencampaign.com.au/anniversary/“.

I figured that, well, Holden must have more campaign sites that I could be interested in learning more about their current promotions and offers et al.

I promptly removed the “/anniversary/” part, expecting to see some sort of broad campaign/offer overview, that could lead me into different micro sites, possibly enticing me to get off my seat and go see a Holden dealer.

Instead, I got this:

Bloody hell, I wonder what lost opportunity there has been because their agency was too lazy (or possible the client Brand Manager not doing their job properly) due to this rather big oversight!

~ by stusheridan on September 12, 2008.

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