The EEStor Phenomenon

I write a blog about digital marketing and how powerful it can be as brand engagement platform between companies and purchasers.

But let’s face it, my blog isn’t a massive success (yet), I get about 35-40 regular subscribers (hello!) who take the time to skim the headline before moving on.

However, every time (once, twice) I blog about EEStor, I get a massive spike in readership (at least quadruple).

The graph below shows my readership.  The spike at the beginning is my first EEStor blog post (159 viewers) and the second spike is yesterdays EEStor blog post (200 viewers).

(The third spike is our new Lexmark Sustainability)

For me, this indicates there must be massive interest out there in EEStor around the world, if 200+ people come to my tiny blog-corner of the world to get any scrap of content relating to this secretive little company.

It’s also an indication of the immense power of digital communications today, where a company that avoids the spot light and does not do any public marketing what so ever (except for a rare interview now and then) can have such a massive following and grass roots interest in their product….which hasn’t even launched yet.

It is no wonder then that viral marketing is so powerful, and so difficult for companies to create (and you can then only HOPE that is becomes viral).

If their energy system works as they say it should, then move over Google as these guys only need one word before they are the richest company (and people) in the world…”IPO“.

~ by stusheridan on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “The EEStor Phenomenon”

  1. EESTOR continues to fly under the radar of the big boyz to stay out of harms way until they can launch their product. Once they are “real”, there will be a whole bunch of companies and individuals wanting to take them out. There will be lawsuits a plenty challenging their patents, etc., etc. In order to finance the defense of their business, they will need to be in production selling their product. Think of them as Microsoft before they launched Windows, because that’s really what they are. They’ll reach a point of critical mass where they’ll settle their lawsuits with money and go on down the road. You might also think if them as a tyranosaurus egg. Small an vulnarable now, but watch out.

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