New NRMA campaign has slowly been revealed over the last week or two in Sydney, and now the digital (online) component launches with banners across media sites, the first I saw was on the Sydney Morning Herald site.

Chatting to the wife in the car from Canberra to Sydney yesterday, we saw (finally) who the brand was (NRMA) however we both new it must have been an insurance company.

I travel across the Anzac Bridge everday to get to and from work, and I though the grandual unveiling of the “Un” campagin on the massive silo billboard was very good (Media Award coming to those involved I suspect) with each day or so a new word (started with Un-Bamboozle) being revealed.

I’m looking forward to reading an upcoming AdNews “Truth in Advertising” assessment of this new NRMA claim.

Hats off to the client however, for the bravery of an unbranded teaser campaign for the last few weeks!  Excellent work (and yes, I’m an NRMA customer).

~ by stusheridan on September 22, 2008.

One Response to “Un”

  1. I live under the shadow of the Anzac Bridge and have been watching the ‘UN’ campaign unfold over the past few weeks.

    I have also been ‘battling’ with NRMA for eight months in order to receive payment for hire expenses incurred during an accident in January.

    I was therefore ‘unimpressed and largely uninspired’ when I saw the NRMA logo appear as the owner of the campaign.

    In my recent experience, NRMA have been ‘uninterested’ in helping me and entirely ‘uncaring’ about chasing what is owed and also in delivering effective customer service.

    I wonder if NRMA plans to actually follow through with changes to their corporate culture in order to build some substance behind these new claims / aspirations. I suspect that the money that could have towards such improvements has been already spent on the most expensive piece of outdoor advertising real estate in Australia.






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