Intelius – Know your neighbours private info

In a recent blog post, I listed a number of websites that were emerging that can change the way we look at the world.

Today I decided to have a closer look at a few.

One drew my close attention rather quickly.  “

This site essentially (for the USA only) allows you to search for people you may know.

I did, and apparently there are 4 other Stuart Sheridan’s living in the USA…a bit more scary is one has a father named John Sheridan (same name as my father…)

Anyway, there’s an option to obtain more information, and this leads you to the website.

Here, for jut $39.95 USD you can purchase the following information about your friends, family and neighbours:

– Statewide Criminal Check
– Bankruptcies & Liens
– Address History
– Neighbors
– Neighborhood Info
– Alias Names
– Sex Offender Check
– Small Claims & Judgements
– Relatives & Associates
– Home Value & Details
– Satellite & Map Images
– Much More…

I’m personally astounded that anyone can get so much information on anyone else in the USA….anyone ever heard of “Privacy” or maybe “Identify Theft” over there?  Or…”Stalking“!?  They may has we’ll just call the site “

I understand Baycorp here in Australia owns, provides and sells such data to financial institutions, but at least they need your signature first in order to do so!

Hmm…my brother lives in the USA now, I wonder if he has any Alias Names, and who his Neighbours are…

~ by stusheridan on September 23, 2008.

One Response to “Intelius – Know your neighbours private info”

  1. Wow. I hope we don’t get something like that in Oz it’s dangerous.

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