Written and blogged about to death I am sure, but I just love this companies embrace of the digital channel.

It’s a really great example of engaging your market with your brand, and tracking the results (i.e. actual numbers of people viewing your content, then measure that against conversion to the company website, against orders taken via the website).

Not sure if you’ve seen it before or in the past a friend has sent you a link.

Essentially, a company called BlendTec created a product (blender) they thought was so good, that it would blend anything.

What’s great, is they took it to the digital channel to prove it, inviting all sorts of users to watch as they blended all sorts of stuff (the most famous being a new iPhone – and I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple paid them to try to blend it too).  After all, that one recorded 5,773,423 views.

Anyway, point is they’ve now created an idea and evolved it into a cult following, with its own YouTube channel dedicated to the “show”.

Proof that a great client insight, coupled with a great idea, can generate great returns at low cost (relatively speaking).


BlendTech on YouTube

BlendTech iPhone

BlendTech corporate

~ by stusheridan on November 21, 2008.

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