Youi – through the line engagement

Tonight, I caught an advert on TV (rare, usually I tune them out and go back to my laptop, or truth be told get up and go to the wine rack to finish off that last drop of Merlot)…

The ad was for an insurance company, specifically car insurance, called YouI.


Think “Un” campaign or more relevantly the “JustCar” car insurance brand, and you start to get the feeling car insurance companies are turning their communications (or attempting too) into contemporary <slash> “cool” <slash> niche targeting.

YouI – not exactly jumps to you as an Insurance company.

Anyway, the ad showed some fat guys (nee Big Insurance Companies) plotting to rip off their consumer.  Yada Yada Yada, ad finishes and call to action (with URL) appears.

So, I log onto their website.

Below is a short summary what I liked/disliked, but overall I write this blog as I LOVED the fact that the initial communication from the TVC transitions to the online really well.  The conversation / visual and use of video helps me connect further with the brand and messaging, taking the hugely expensive 15sec TVC and continuing it into the online experience.  However, I think the could’ve done alot better and perhaps missed a real opportunity to truly turn the one way communication (TVC) into a dialogue with me (Online).

Things I Like:

  1. The direct correlation between the TVC and Online
  2. Absolute pure simplicity – potentially a short term landing home page
  3. When you mute the sound, voice bubbles pop up with the script so you don’t actually miss anything if you’re at work.
  4. The detail of the similicty (note point 3 above)
  5. Pure simplicity of call to action – three clear, easy options or you can learn a bit more first.
  6. Learn more – again, pure simplicity of design and language (click here to view)

Things I Don’t Like:

  1. Nerdy guy @ the start – would’ve preferred they better use this device to engage in some dialogue – such as verbalise the brands values and suggest to me options / detail on the company, instead of making me read it.  After all, they shot the guy on camera, a few words of assistance wouldn’t have been hard…
  2. The TVC plays over and over again.  Guys, once is enough – give the user choice to replay and/or send to a friend, don’t keep playing it I got the message the first time!
  3. When you click to log in, the user experience changes – a) opens a new window/tab (not a major problem) but b) the design shifts from Centred to Left alligned – why not keep it all consistent and continuous by maintaining the centered design!? (let me guys, the IT guys got involved in the login, right? (View here).

Overal a good experience, if I were looking @ car insurance right now I’d certainly request an online quote.

But, I’m not.  And unfortunately the site does not give me the ability to a) add to my bookmarks for later or b) subscribe to be kept in touch with (i.e. I’d be keen to give my email address to them if I thought they may offer me something special around the time of when I will be researching for car insurance).

Full site here

TVC (Youtube) here (extra points lads for uploading to youtube, even though only 151 visitors to date)

~ by stusheridan on December 9, 2008.

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