“It’s Strongbow Season” Ad

Today, checking out TheAge.com.au as I do for digital advertising executions (ok, was really looking at the cricket score update) I came across this Strongbow ad.

While I was watching it I admired the art direction and creativity behind the ad.

After I’d finished watching it I was left pissed off about how rubbish the whole thing was and couldn’t believe the total waste of money/time spent on this, nor the fact I had just subjected myself to it.

I mean come on!  Enough with these bullshit alcohol ads (reference to “Harvested” by TED) that have just no real connection with the subject matter, or the consumer either.

People want REAL, not fairy dust.

Oooh look, they throw some wooden chairs (umm, what antique store or school did these two Strongbow characters rip off?) in the middle of the street and AMAZINGLY form a great looking old tree which MAGICALLY sprouts overnight some GLASS bottled Strongbow…which HAPPENS to have a bottle right near her (bedroom?) window….where she then pours herself some in the MORNING….?!?!

And where does her male friend disappear too between helping her throw the table and the after shot of her just thrown the table?  Is he the Strongbow fairy?

Where is the consumer insight?  Where is the connection to the consumer with the brand to inspire/engage/attract them to buy some Strongbow?

Yes, clever execution and beautifully art directed, but give me, and every other consumer, a freak’n break!

~ by stusheridan on December 18, 2008.

One Response to ““It’s Strongbow Season” Ad”

  1. Oh i totally agree. I’m a cider drinker and I’m boycotting Strongbow until that crap is pulled. I am embarassed to drink it at the moment, with that crap on TV. Such a terrible ad.

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