Three Drunk Monkeys New Campaign for Yahoo7!

I’ve just seen some new digital creative execution from the team @ Three Drunk Monkeys (TDM) for Yahoo7!

The execution communicates a key feature of Yahoo7! Mail, whereby you can set up your account to filter the email content you like.

A take from The Good The Bad & The Ugly Clint Eastwood movie (my favorite movie by the way) the TDM guys have integrated (and rather well I may say) video into the execution.

Now what TDM need to do is pitch it to Clint Eastwood himself to do an execution for the US market…THAT would be awesome!

What I love most is Australian agency (yes there are others apart from TDM) pioneering the video/web digital execution mix.  With our broadband “not brilliant” it’s still awesome to see creative like this get up.

Bravo to Yahoo7! for greasing the wheels and to Scott Dettrick who was the Director and Art Director at TDM.

Check it out here.

~ by stusheridan on December 18, 2008.

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