StumbleUpon – Site of the Day

So I just blogged about the FWA Site of the Day (read it here) and now I thought I’d blog about the best StumbleUpon site I’ve come across today.

(I’ll try to do this weekly).

Saizen Media (


I love the detail in the graphics and animation of this site.   The music / sound effects all add to the experience.

Something above and beyond I think for an interactive agency – clearly a benchmark in the world on a self-promoting website highlighting capability for a leading creative digital agency.  No wonder some of the biggest names in Computer Gaming have turned to these guys for extending their work to the online channel.


What I don’t love is that in the navigation, you should have text prompts on nav items to ID what is in them, instead of having to review each and everyone of them to find what it is you are looking for, additionally have the ability to jump from one section to another without having to close the content you’re currently viewing.  Accidently clicking on a button, you have to wait for the animation to complete the cycle before re-pressing the right button…

What’s your StumbleUpon Site of the Day?

~ by stusheridan on January 2, 2009.

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