iPhone & Telstra Repair Service Centre

Recently I had an episode where my iPhone, just 2 months old, decided to stop working.  The screen was blank but the sound was working just fine.

I sent it in to the Telstra Repair Service Centre in NSW.

The process to begin with was quite laborious, with a three page form having to be filled out.

Once that was done (took a whole day due to having to track down bits of information that seemed to be spread all over Telstra….single customer focused CRM needed there maybe??).

I was rather sceptical about the reply speed as I posted the item off.

However, and the point of this blog posting really, is even though they received the phone on the 30th December 2008, I have it here now in my hand on the 6th January 2009.

Personally, I wasn’t expecting it for at least another 7-10 days.

Muchos Gracious to the lads and laddetes at the Telstra Repair Centre in NSW…

~ by stusheridan on January 5, 2009.

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