Lancer Super Short Series – Major FAIL

**UPDATE 3/2/09 – Issue below has now been corrected, so….enjoy!**

So I’m sitting at home with the wife, sweltering in the Melbourne heat wave, and we see this ad on TV – the Lancer ads with the short movies.

This one was the “help” one with the little green critter.

We see the URL pop up at the end –

This is their first FAIL – who’s going to remember that long a URL?? Try and have a nice big call to action front and centre directing people to the site – or worst case try

Next massive FAIL on this one is when you get to that URL, it’s actually Tropfest website via NineMSN…so, um I was expecting a Lancer website not a NineMSN one.

Here is the biggest FAIL of them all. When you click on the “Help” movie to watch the ending, you go to a DEAD PAGE!

(Dead page =

Congrats to all involved in this project, you sure wasted a big chunk of Mitsubishi’s marketing budget.

~ by stusheridan on January 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Lancer Super Short Series – Major FAIL”

  1. P.s. You have a fail in your post title, after short and before fail.

  2. Lol – I love irony; it’s supposed to be super short, so they shoulda made the URL short too!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this was a rubbish call to action. I’m in Marketing and I found it embarrassing. Think I’ll let them know through their website

  4. Hows this for an even bigger failure. Terms and conditions clear state when the winnners will be notified on the website and in the Australian news paper (as copied and pasted)
    WINNER NOTIFICATION (See Condition 11)

    1.16 By: In writing at the end of the campaign

    WINNER PUBLICATION – Print media (See Condition 12)

    1.17 Where: The Australian

    1.18 Date: 24 February 2009

    WINNER PUBLICATION – Website (See Condition 12)

    1.19 Web address (URL):

    1.20 First date of publication: 23 February 2009

    1.21 Last date of publication:

    And GUESS what! nothing on the website, nothing in the Australian, i had my mother waste money buying it today to see if i won anything and there is no anoucement in there at all.

    Honestly this is beyond a joke, i have to wonder if there even is actual prises or if it was just a poly to generate extra hit for channel nines website

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