Quintessentially Australian

For me, and many others, this sums up what it is to be Australian.

In the wake of the Victorian Bush fires in the last few weeks, this shot was taken of a CFA (Country Fire Authority) member (they’re made up of full time professionals and volunteers) helping out a mate.

Awesome stuff.


Makes one very, very proud to be an Australian.

Now go and do your bit whether you live in Australia or not:

Please help those people in need. Click here and donate now to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

~ by stusheridan on February 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Quintessentially Australian”

  1. The entire response to this tragedy makes me proud to be an Australian. All the people donating money and goods and all the people in the action trying to bring this disaster under control is truly remarkable.

  2. I’m Swedish, and completely blown away by the effort Australia has put in to help the bushfire victims. It. is. incredible.
    I created a “Cause” on Facebook to create awareness and increase the flow of donations to the organisations benefiting the animals (as they don’t get as much media attention) and some Aussies even wrote to me from UK and asked how they can donate money. Impressive Australia. Impressive.

    • Thank you “Vanilla”, I have forwarded your words and comments to the entire Sputnik team. Great to hear you are getting the “Aussie Spirit” and motivating others to help out.
      All the best.

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