Summer cricket online: Johnnie Walker on SMH

I’ve been a fan for many of the past years of the Johnnie Walkers live score updates on the (or the and others) websites for all the Australian Test Match cricket games.

You know summer is really here and the cricket season is in full swing (*bliss*) when this feature starts appearing.  I especially enjoyed the download widget last year.

But this year as I tune in to hear Australia adequately (not brilliantly though) squeeze the life out of the West Indies bowlers on ABC Grandstand, I’ve noticed a massive leap-improvement of the Johnnie Walker offering.

This new enhancement has a lot of new information and live features at a touch of a button.

Pie charts, batting statistics, umpire statistics, newsworthy news flashes (FYI Hussey just past 17 Test 50’s) and much more all wrapped up in a new interface design.

Much less Johnnie Walker branding, but he’s still there walking….

The ONLY thing they now need to do is take the whole thing off and away from SMH/TheAge and put it onto NineMSN and get the rights to stream live video content through this branded application….or, do a deal with ABC Grandstand to stream their radio coverage….

It’d put a bit of a dent in productivity, but I’ve seen recent statistics that say workers in Australia do multi-millions of dollars of extra work for free for corporate Australia these days, so, you know, a bit of balance is called for!

I love it, and if you like cricket you’ll be a fan soon too.

Get the score live now here.

~ by stusheridan on November 26, 2009.

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